Mini Evil eye ceramic altar kit

Mini Evil eye ceramic altar kit

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Such a sacred altar filled with protection

This altar is glazed in a beautiful satin black and gorgeous gold luster evil eye 

A perfect sacred place to cleanse, manifest and display your gorgeous crystals

Included in this kit, is your sacred altar with a shelf for displaying all your crystals or your cleansing tools, a sand box to burn your beautiful intention candles and hold your incense, 2 intention candles infused with florals and herbs, a cleansing white sage smudge stick and a packet of 12  sacred ritual incense sticks and sand for base.

Such a beautiful perfect starter altar kit.

This altar stands 27cm h x 20cm w x 9.5cm d

Weight 2.8 kgs

Free shipping Aus wide



As this is hand made minor imperfections are quite normal but won't compromise the integrity of your beautiful altar